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Lighthouse Energy Group has a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to assist you.
Lighthouse Energy Group has a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to assist you with your next abandonment, development, assessment, or environmental project. Taking pride in our work by being diligent, precise, and efficient, we strive to raise the bar in client satisfaction.

Our experts provide decades of experience in abandoning wellbores throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. From straight forward shallow gas wells, to complex, over-pressured, highly sour, archaic wellbores that involve complex surface casing vent flows, and multi-formation abandonments. Our thorough, pre-abandonment assessments help design abandonment programs to provide the highest chance of success in exceeding expectations and meeting budgets.

Liability management and assessments:

Wellbore abandonments
Environmental closures
Pipeline abandonments
Facility and site decommissioning
The Lighthouse team operates assets throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and is currently managing Thousand's of barrels of production for a variety of licensees. Our diverse team of integrated field staff help manage, report, and optimize production.
Our team understands industry regulations, and are committed to safe work operations while working to maximize netbacks by reducing operating costs.

Asset management and development:

Regulatory applications
Drilling licenses
Negotiating contracts
Engineering assessments for pipeline resumptions and hydrotests
Lighthouse provides detailed and independent liability assessments to create an accurate financial model associated with the decommissioning of wells, facilities, and pipelines associated to an asset or entire corporation. Driven by decades of experience, our team focuses on creating a realistic and sustainable financial model that can be executed with confidence. Lighthouse provides transparency of liabilities so licensees can be prepared for all upcoming ARO projects.

Regulatory and compliance

License transfer support
Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) forecasting and reductions
Applications for surface developments
Applications for regulatory support

Liability management and assessments:

 Scheme and regulatory development
 Drilling, Completions, and Well Servicing of Critical Sour wells
 CCUS evaluations and sequestration development
Lighthouse has extensive and relevant experience drilling, completion, and servicing critical sour wellbores. Whether its CCUS evaluations, acid gas injection workovers, or critical sour well servicing projects, our team has you covered with the most challenging and complex projects.

Projects include:
Harmattan Leduc A Pool - Drilling and completions of ~4,000 m acid gas injection wells within 57% H2S reservoir
Pipestone Stoddart Pool - Workovers on acid gas injection wells consisting of 90% H2S disposal fluids
Windfall Nisku Pools - Abandonment on 28% over pressured wellbore with hydrates
Brazeau Nisku Pools - Abandonments on +30% over pressure wellbores at 3300 m TVD
Windfall Leduc D3 Pools - Well servicing on +14% over pressured wellbores from the 1950's
Grande Cache Leduc Pools - Abandonment of +4750 m TVD wellbores from the 1970's
Sinclair Halfway Pool - Well servicing on 35% sour wellbores with hydrates throughout the tubing/casing
The Lighthouse Energy Group’s in-house environmental team specializes in the planning and management of diverse environmental programs across the Canadian energy industry. With decades of experience in reclamation and remediation projects, our team will provide you with the professional support needed to achieve your environmental goals.

Environmental Services:

Corporate Services
Pre-purchase liability assessments
Project budgeting
Regulatory Services
Regulatory and Risk assessments
EPEA Approval and CSU Site regulatory monitoring and reporting
Dehydrator Engineering Operations Sheet (DEOS) and Benzene reporting
Site Specific Liability Assessment
Site Assessment & Remediation
Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
Groundwater monitoring
Subsoil salinity assessments
Drone photography
Spill assessments, remediation, and reporting
Site remediation
Pre-site assessments
Detailed Site Assessments (DSA)
Wildlife assessments
Vegetation management
Surface reclamation
Reclamation certificate applications